FS Tiers, Keys & Lottery Tickets

The updated guide with case study

3 min readNov 2, 2021

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We updated the Investment Tiers to make it fair for everyone, check the examples below.

Important note: We strive to honour our community by providing fair and reasonable investment opportunities. As such, what is accessed through the Tiers, including investment size, allocation rights, or any other addition and/or removal of mechanics involved is subject to change.

Last update

January 12th, 2022: To include new wording, subscription, mention new entry tiers and link important articles about Subscription tiers. The new changes will take place on the Jan 17th.


  • Lottery Tickets and Pool Weights Explained
  • The Updated Tiers (Table)
  • Case Study

Lottery Tickets and Pool Weights Explained

Lottery tickets

Lottery tickets are available from tiers 1–4. They determine the winning chances an eligible user has. The higher the tier, the more lottery tickets you have and the higher your chance of winning a whitelist spot when participating in our IDO projects.

Pool weights

Pool weights determine a user’s allocation size. The higher the multiplier, the bigger the allocation. We’ve designed it this way to incentivize upgrading your tier, be it in FS tokens or FS key. Stay tuned for Smart Subscription .

The Updated Tiers

Learn everything there is to know about FS subscription tiers including the new entry level tiers.

A Case Study

Winning odds for a lottery ticket using 20 participants.

Based on the Table above, there are a total of 48 Tickets. Participants are picked randomly through a smart contract RNG.

Tier 1 individual chance of winning: 1/48 = 2%
Tier 2 individual chance of winning: 2/48 = 4%
Tier 3 individual chance of winning: 4/48 = 8%
Tier 4 individual chance of winning: 8/48 =16%

Full Case Study

Let’s consider a Public Sale of 1000 $XYZ tokens is shared between 300 winners (200 from tier 5,6,7 and 100 from tier 1,2,3,4 lottery).

Tier winners allocation formula:

1000 (Total $XYZ tokens) / 2400 (Total Weight)) x (Tier Pool Weight) = Individual Allocation.

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