Security Audit is now Complete

Another successful milestone for FantomStarter

2 min readNov 12, 2021

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FantomStarter teams up with Slowmist for a full security audit

The FantomStarter Launchpad is an ultimate, cross-chain, NFT-enabled, investment dApp that lowers the barriers to entry for all types of users by allowing projects, VCs, and retail investors access to early-stage investment opportunities.

It is important for any project to stay secure and guarantee the safety of investors' funds. This is why we have requested an additional security audit conducted by the leading blockchain security company — SlowMist.

We are thrilled to announce that we have now completed successfully the security audit performed by SlowMist!

The Auditor

SlowMist is a company focused on blockchain ecosystem security. It was founded in January 2018 by a team with more than ten years of front-line network security attack-defense experience. SlowMist Technology served many global well-known projects. There are thousands of commercial customers distributed in more than a dozen major countries and regions.

The scope of the Audit

It is our priority to maintain high security in all our technological advancements and innovations, as it is a critical pillar for any dApp interacting with smart contracts. This audit evaluated the stability and security of FantomStarter’s Fantom Opera contracts.

This makes FantomStarter the first audited Launchpad dApp native to Fantom Opera blockchain!

Audit Results

According to the thorough security analysis conducted by SlowMist, FantomStarter’s Fantom-based smart contracts do not have any critical or major issues. The SlowMist team has suggested that our tokens be moved into multi-sig wallets. The FantomStarter team has immediately taken the steps necessary to adhere to the highest security standards recommended by the SlowMist team. You can find the full Security Audit report here.

Excerpt from the Audit document. The 1 suggestion left is to move the FS funds to multisig wallets to prevent hackers from obtaining access to them, which is going to be the next step that the team will do.

The FantomStarter Difference

We are committed to further ensuring the safety and protection of our investors, and will continue to provide security checks from leading blockchain security experts to further enhance the decentralized future of our investment protocol.

As always, if you have something that might concern the security of our platform, don't be shy and email us at we are ❤️ white hat/ethical hackers that push for the highest level of security in the crypto space and reward them with $FS bounties!